The Impact Investment Fund aims to provide investors:

  • Regular distributions,
  • Capital growth in the medium to long term and,
  • Diversified exposure i.e. combining diversified “top down” global financial markets exposure with “bottom-up” single venture enterprises.

The Impact Investment Fund targets an annualised return of 600 to 800 basis points above the official RBA cash rate (i.e. the rate as at July 1 each financial year). This investment objective is not a forecast rather an indication of what the investment strategy aims to achieve over the medium term.

The Impact Investment Fund is intended to be constructed so as to avoid excessive drawdowns. Drawdowns will occur, however the intention is to avoid risks that prejudice the ongoing viability of the fund. Whilst Start-up investments can be volatile, the Impact Investment Fund seeks to smooth the Fund’s returns through “top-down” diversification. Investors will be kept updated on the Impact Investment Fund’s performance however investors should seek clarification or re-consider their investments if drawdowns exceed 10%.

The Impact Investment Fund will have direct and indirect exposure to the following financial markets instruments:

  • Cash
  • Bonds
  • Currencies
  • Equities
  • Derivatives in all of the above including futures, options, FX forwards etc.
  • Single Manager Hedge Funds

The Impact Investment Fund will have investments in single manager hedge funds. This will include but not limited to the following strategies:

  • Equity Long only
  • Equity Long/short
  • Bonds
  • Currency
  • Global Macro/Event Driven
  • Multi-Strategy
  • Discretionary
  • Quant funds
  • CTA/Managed Futures

Start-up & Small/Medium Enterprises

The Impact Investment Fund will have investments in enterprises that are socially, environmentally and ethically motived that demonstrate a viable business plan. This will include but not limited to the following areas:

  • Social Housing Developments,
  • Renewable resources,
  • Media and,
  • Technology.

The Impact Investment Fund can be at any time 100% invested in cash through to being fully invested in the above financial products, single manager hedge funds and/or enterprises. As an example, the Impact Investment Fund could be invested as follows:

  • 40% investment in start-up & small to medium enterprises,
  • 40% traditional hedge fund strategies (e.g. Equity & Bonds Managers) and
  • 20% Commodity Trading Advisors & Managed Futures hedge funds.

The aim is to have flexibility within the portfolio to enable adaption to prevailing conditions and opportunities. In due course, the Impact Investment Fund wants to the grow the investment into socially, environmentally and ethically motived enterprises whereby these enterprises are a meaningful contributor to returns and thus command more and more of the Fund’s assets under management.

The Impact Investment Fund may utilise leverage in respect of the investment portfolio directly or indirectly via single manager hedge fund investments.

Investment time frame

It is suggested that investors invest in the Impact Investment Fund for at least 3 years. This period, in our view, is a reasonable period to generate the targeted annualised returns. However, this time frame may not be relevant for investors all of the time hence an investor should regularly review their investment objectives and seek independent professional advice.


Investors in the Fund will participate in an actively managed portfolio of Australian and international securities, foreign exchange and derivatives.

The benefits to Investors include –

  • access to equity placements in small market capitalisation stocks, and companies preparing to make an initial public offering through the Manager’s network
  • the prospect of semi-annual distributions
    a core portfolio of assets positioned for capital growth over the medium term
  • an exposure to a pool of investments which would not normally be available to individual investors
  • managed by experienced professionals with access to investment and risk management systems which are not available to individual investors.

Financial markets instruments:

  • Cash
  • Bonds
  • Currencies
  • Equities
  • Derivatives in all of the above including futures, options, FX forwards etc.
  • Single Manager Hedge Funds
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What is Impact Investment?

Impact investing is a growing field of investment that intentionally creates positive social or environmental impact as well as a financial return, and measures both.

Impact investing has tremendous potential to help address some of our most entrenched societal issues.

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